Sunday, 27 March 2016

So sorry, but.......

Oh how I hate doing this post, but no doubt some of you may well have  seen it coming! Having given up Sexuelle way back because It was simply not possible to find the time to keep up with it, I started Ivory Tower because the publishers of Educating Anna  were interested in re-publishing it and I wanted to create a space where I could concentrate the marketing. To be frank I really did not have the time, but it was really good to re state my views on sex and associated activities so it was a labour of love and I was happy to make the effort to do it. Since then the publishers have  moved the goalposts twice over. First the publication date has been put back a couple of times, and now they are offering me different terms which I am not happy with, so I have decided not to go ahead with it. I know there are other publisher out there who specialise in erotic literature but currently I simply do not have the time to consider going back  the market, so have decided to close Ivory Tower.

I’m really sorry about this, particularly having re-established contact with a handful of very special followers, but I do not have any choice.

A parting gift however; if any of my chosen few have not read Educating Anna and would like to do so, let me have  your email and I will  send you a copy of the typescript. I am of course retaining the copyright, so should any one of you then go to the market with it and get it published in your  name I will of course hunt you down and kill you slowly, but that is of course understood.

Leaving that to one side, it has ben enormous fun and I will miss creating my post and I will miss you all. Many thanks for your patience and interest till now.


Thursday, 3 March 2016


Dear  special wonderful  followers, my small inner circle, (you know who you are ) and the casual lurkers who are just as welcome.

I have not abandoned Ivory Tower, despite these all too frequent  patches of dead air. Apart from all the usual threads in my life I am fighting a deadline on  an important piece of “ legit” writing and it has taken my life over. Even penning this small note is making me panic that I am not dealing with “The big one.”

I promise that as soon as humanly possible I will be back – God knows how much I miss knocking out my naughty missives.

In the mean time, please be patient with me!


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Random musings

As a girl who blogs on of matters sexual and arousing, sometimes my posts  start with an idea that then needs appropriate images to be added to it, and sometimes it is the other way round and I come across an image which motivates me and then I  weave some narrative around it. Whichever way it is, I am a obliged  to keep a library of appropriate images, a massive pick and mix of nudes, tethered sirens, spanked cuties and every variation on copulating couples.

 I keep these on a dedicated memory stick, and should it ever find is way into the wrong hands I would have to sell up, change my name,  and join  a convent.

What I am getting to is that to keep the library fresh and vibrant, from time to time I have to trawl the internet Iooking for the right image to illustrate something I am saying. (It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.)  In the course of this, what happens from time to time is I will find a companion image or two to something I already have which is a bit of a bonus as it means I can add a little more continuity to something I am writing. Here for example is a whole series I have found over time  of the same man and woman at different stages of the same spanking.

I find it mildly interesting that the girl looks more concerned when spanked with her knickers still on and giving her some token protection than when she is being spanked with them pulled down.    

Here’s another example, but the other way round. The woman who could  be the mum of one of the man’s  friends seems really quite happy to be across his knee with her knickered bottom exposed and all ready to be spanked,

but somewhat  concerned when things have  moved on a bit and her knickers have been pulled down. Maybe, just maybe to make the photo shoot look authentic she’s agreed to be spanked for real and she just realised what she’s let herself in for.

The next couple of images are favourites of mine. The girl is cute, really cute. and someone I would happily take across my knee while she wriggled in horror  finding herself about to be being spanked by me.

In the first pic her  dress is still in place, beautifully draped across her lovely little bottom and so thin and filmy she would be able to really appreciate what being spanked is all about through its barely there protection.

In the next image  things have moved on. Her spanking has progressed and it’s the classic dress up panties down  scenario for the rest of her punishment, and, bless her little heart, we discover that  as an added  bonus she is wearing stockings.

Better than that, the look of sheer disbelief on her face is a good as it gets, and it’s such a shame I don’t have a third image to make up a full set, forgiveness time in all its undressed pleasure .

The next two are not officially linked in any way,  it’s just that I am taken by the striking resemblance between the doe eyed girl in the photograph and the suspendered temptress in the drawing.

A case of life  imitating art  as it so often does without making any effort whatsoever.

And moving swiftly on, I watch very little TV, but I made a point a few evenings ago on watching  a  programme  on BBC4 about Botticelli’s famous painting of Venus,

the programme presented by Sam Roddick who is the woman behind Coco de Mer. For those not in the know, Coco de Mer is an up market boutique selling various paraphernalia to the erotically discerning. Reminded of its existence I did a quick bit of googling and came across a short film promoting this business and  encouraging people to spend more time thinking about sex. I’m not sure that readers  of this blog need any encouragement in that direction, but even so here is the link to it so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

Don’t  ever say that I don’t look after you!. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Bike revisited

I was so excited when he bought me the bicycle. ”There!” he said. “It will make you more independent and give you some exercise. And the fresh air will help make you feel in tune with nature. Off you go and enjoy yourself.”

And he was right, I did feel in tune with nature. I hadn’t realised just how good it would feel scissoring my legs up and down with nothing but a skimpy strip of panty gusset between my naughty bits and the thin leather saddle. In fact it made me feel so in tune with nature, that that sometimes I had to stand on the pedals to stop it all becoming too much fun!

So when I went home later I was very keen to show my thanks in the ways he likes best, so I was surprised to find him looking very cross. “While you were out,” He said “I got a text message from Rita.” Rita and I have been friends  for a long time but I know she fancies my boyfriend and I’m not sure I trust her any more.

“She said she saw you out on your bicycle, making a complete exhibition of yourself and showing off your panties to all the men in the street!”

I was about to say something but he cut me off. “So as it seems that you are the sort of girl who likes having men looking at your knickers, let me have a good look at them too.” And the next thing he had me across his knee with my skirt pulled up. “Leave me alone you big bully!” I shouted, but he was much too strong for me and I couldn’t stop him and he did a lot of looking, most of it with his hands which he had all over and under my knickers, and then having had his look he than started to spank me, really hard, all the while telling me what a naughty little baggage I was.

I squealed and squirmed and  shouted, but he just spanked and spanked me, and then to make it worse he pulled my knickers right down and spanked me some more.

By now it was getting more than I could tolerate, like having a fire burning on my bottom, so when he asked me to promise him that I would never again go out on my bike in a short skirt and showing off my knickers, of course I agreed.

Now he’s never spanked me before, and strangely enough I rather enjoyed it. It made me think of remark I made to Rita a short while  ago when the two of us were having one of those quiet girly moments together that girls do occasionally, and maybe that was why she split  on me.

Anyway between having my bare bottom spanked and having spent an hour or so on that stiff leather saddle earlier, it had made me feel more than ready to make it all up with him, and then I saw that he was clearly in the same mood too,

so clearly it was time for the two of us to get in tune with nature together.

Anyway, that was all yesterday and today’s a new day and following that little episode I’ve got lots planned. First I’m going to pay Rita a visit, just a friendly one of course, and regardless of her motives I’m going to show her my appreciation for her sending that text message.  Nothing too extreme, just  put her over my knee, drag off her panties and stuff them in her mouth and then give her a long lingering dose of the hairbrush on her bare bottom. I think that will do it quite nicely!

All going well she will see that that  is exactly what the situation called for and maybe then she will show her appreciation to me for giving her what she needed.

And then I’m going for a nice long bike ride, but this time I’m making sure than no one will get even a glimpse of my knickers. I’d promised my boyfriend I wouldn’t and I always keep my promises. No, I’m going to leave them right off, and then let’s see what happens.

It could prove to be a very interesting day!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Call The Midwife

I don’t know how many  of my followers in  the USA are aware of it,  but a very popular Sunday night TV series here in the UK is Call The Midwife. It’s  a strange mixture of cosy Sunday night viewing mixed in with some quite hard hitting stuff about poverty and childbirth. The action is centred on a convent in The East End of London and the time period has recently moved from the nineteen fifties to the early sixties (La Dolca  Vita gets a mention, but The Beatles and the swinging sixties have yet to arrive.)

The regulars in this are a bunch of nuns along with a handful of young nurses/midwives who are all sweet natured and very wholesome. There’s a posh one with  blonde hair,  a posh one with red hair, and a posh one with brown hair,

and a recent arrival is a Welsh one with black  hair.

I can here your hearts racing already, Nuns and nurses all living together under the a same roof! Phwoarre! What possibilities do we have her for sexual goings on and general between the sheets naughtiness, but sorry to disappoint you, none of it taken up by the producers who should be ashamed for passing up such a chance. Let me go further, unless I’m very much mistaken and missed something in the story line, all these girls are still virgins. Yes honestly! It’s scandalous, and sometimes I have to avert my eyes if watching it with a close friend with sheer embarrassment.
Now it’s true that in a recent episode they allowed us to watch Trixy (The blonde posh one) putting on her stockings,

and  even treated us to a sneaky clip of all the girls in their underwear,

but that’s about a racy as it’s ever got. Admittedly they have given an edge to the story line by making the Welsh one and the posh red headed be lesbians having a relationship, but the most graphic it has ever been so far is a head on a shoulder.

So isn’t it time the BBC got a grip and stirred all this up a little? I know the  corporation’s initials don’t stand for Boobs Bums and Copulation, but it would be good they gave us a bit of naughty  on a Sunday night to finish off the weekend on a sexual high note.

So let’s start with the nuns. Now whatever nuns actually get up to hidden behind convent walls, we all know what we like to think they get up to, so we could  be given an eyeful of that just to set the tone. Under their all enveloping habits they could be are sheathed  in inflammatory under things and  regularly giving us flashes of lacy stocking top and killer heels.

No reason at all why we still shouldn’t see them going down on their  knees and praying  for celestial joy and satisfaction, but that satisfaction could manifest itself in lots of different, and photogenic, ways we’d all like to see on our screens.

And let’s not forget that they’ve taken a vow of obedience, so any naughty nun or other initiate under their control would have to accept   that regular chastisement is part of their daily life,

though of course love, forgiveness and comfort would  inevitably follow.

And now for those pretty young nurses. What could we have them  getting  up to? Let’s be honest, there are a lot of people out there (they are called men) who harbour ideas that nurses are like extras in a  Carry On film, and little more than short skirted eye candy whose job is to get themselves into situations where  much of their uniform goes astray along with their dignity.

Sexist and biased, absolutely? But speaking as a girl who quite enjoys the idea of  pretty nurses  loosing their clothing and their dignity I’m prepared to bet  it would make great  TV. So where should we start? Maybe we should have a few early morning scenes with the girls waking up to the previous night’s lover,

before putting on their smart new uniforms.

We could have a strict matron character who keeps the girls in order when they make small mistakes, correcting things as they happen on the ward,

 and reinforcing the lesson back at the nursing home. (The date may have move on but the atmosphere is still very much nineteen fifties!)

With all these pretty young girls floating round the place, we definitely need a few lusty young doctors to mingle with them, sometimes pointing out when they have made a misdiagnosis,

and sometimes pondering on how they dealt with it when they have their shower later in the evening.

And let’s not forget the gay couple who so far have not even had as much as a kiss on screen. We could see a lot more of them as they exchange views on the trials of the day.

Purely for dramatic realism of course.

And something we’ve not even considered, what about a little intermingling between the nuns and the nurses, maybe Mother Superior finding one of them reading something inappropriate and dealing with it in a time honoured and traditional way.

That would be good. In fact, the more I think about it the more missed opportunities for some seriously good Sunday night TV I can see. 

Of course, purists and its current fan base might well object  to its being messed around with  in this way, so what we need is a companion series to run alongside it, maybe call it Carry On Midwife or something like that.

And if the BBC would offer me an appropriate stipend I would be more than happy to write the script!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Two Girls

(Apologies that you you've had to wait so long for the but my internet has been down!)

If two girls share a flat together, good friends of course and both tolerant and obliging, then what a pleasure it can be. Duties can be shared, they can take it in turns to shop, and if they both happen to be in together in an evening , they can  have a cozy time together, watching old movies on TV and doing each other’s make up,

not to mention sharing confidences about past lovers and the men they fancy. And if of course, after a glass or two too many of Chardonnay, one of them finds herself in the other one’s bed , quite by accident of course, then it would only be polite for both of them to show that there are  no hard feelings.

When the weather is good they can sunbathe together in the garden,

and even go away for an occasional break somewhere hot and balmy.

Could anything be more harmonious or pleasurable?

But just suppose that when on holiday they both spy on the beach an example of manhood by which all others shall be measured,

a man with dreamy far away eyes and a torso that cries out to be licked all over,

matched with a bottom no girl could resist taking a bite out of? 

Here is a potential problem as there’s two of them and only one of him; in a perfect world there would be two of them and three of him, one each and a spare, but life does not work out that way.

So time passes and one day when Helen happens to be on her own in town (the other girl is called Lilly by the way), and she finds herself staring in the same shop window as THE MAN and their reflected eyes meet, and something is said (we’ve all been there)and they end up  sharing a coffee. So far so innocent, but  on the way back to the hotel in the car Helen and Lilly have hired nature raises its ugly head and fluids are shared in the back  seat!

Back at the hotel, Helen decides to tell all, and although Lilly is envious, (she’d often fantasised about that very scenario, but it had happened with her) she accepts that these things happen and is happy for her friend.

At least at first.

But then Lilly  starts to imagine the two of them together, the things they  do and say and get up to when she is not with them cramping their style.

And the worst thing about it is that she finds it exciting, visualising John’s (That’s his name by the way) member getting aroused and hard as it quests for satisfaction in her friend’s tight moist crevice. What else can poor Lilly  do but exorcise the demon of her uninvited arousal with her expert fingers? Isn’t that what we’d all do?

And so she copes, but one day she happens to be in town and, glancing in a shop window, there looking back at her reflection is THE MAN. (Since her friend took up with him, she still thinks of him that way and refuses to refer to him as John.)     

After an awkward  silence he offers her a coffee  which she accepts, quiet and cautious,  but she accepts nevertheless, and after an hour in his company finds that despite having horns and a long red tail he could almost pass for a human being.  So far so innocent, but this is such a shock that on the way back to the hotel in the car nature raises its ugly head and fluids are shared in the back  seat!

Back at the hotel (Helen is out) John is riddled with guilt about what has happened, and Lily tells him that she feels bad too, that she’s not that sort of girl and that it must not, repeat not, ever happen again, but even as she’s saying this she’s winding her lovely limbs round his,

and before the two of them know it their two naked bodies are doing that age old mating dance we all know so well and arching with wicked pleasure.

When it is all over they both get dressed, and have a problem  meeting each other’s eye.

To start with at least.

John says that he really has to go and this must never, repeat never,  happen again and that from now on they must simply avoid each other and Lilly says that she agrees. John is about to open the door when Lilly adds that when it came  down to it, it was all her fault for  coming on to him so strong. Her concern, she says, is that she feels so bad about betraying her friend and she won’t know how to face her and that she really aught to be punished very thoroughly  for everything she did.

“Maybe,” She says to John, her eyes lowered . “Maybe you  should give me a good spanking  for seducing you. That way, hopefully you won’t feel so angry with me and as I will have been punished for it I will be able to face my friend.”

“Spank you?” Said John, right by the door but not making any further  move to go through it. “You mean .......?”

“Putting me over your  knee and spanking me good and hard like the naughty girl I clearly am.” Said Lilly, and even as she said it John saw the whole situation in a different light, and knew that this was exactly what was needed to sort out their little problem, so taking Lily by the wrist he leads her  across to the bed, sits  down on the end of it and pulls Lilly  across his knee.

"This isn’t  just a game.” He says. “It’s clear that a good spanking is exactly what you need.”

But  looking at her sleek body stretched across his lap, for a moment it is as if she is wearing a tiny plaid skirt with long white socks and he is the displeased adult whose duty it is  to discipline her, and he knows  that in fact this  is a game but one he is going to enjoy to the full.

Aware that Lilly had contrived this situation to make his manhood grow stiff and a hard and hungry  for the third time  in a short space of time,

part of him is angry that she had done so, and part of him is enjoying finding himself so aroused again. Leaving Helen out of the equation he knows that this situation could not be improved upon. Lilly was very much in the wrong so he can  spank her as hard and as long as  he likes which he knows will make him even hornier, but of course  afterwards he will be able to  do anything he likes with her as that is clearly what she wants.

Armed with this knowledge first he spanks her over her tiny skirt just to get the feel of things,

then spanks her with her skirt pulled up so there’s nothing but her skimpy little panties between his vengeful hand and her punishment,

and finally, and he really enjoys this, he slowly and  lustfully pulls down her wicked little knickers and spanks her bare bottom, revelling in the feel of his work toughened hand making sharp contact with her vulnerable  bare flesh.

As Lilly wriggles and gasps and squeals he reminds himself how it was all her fault and what wicked little minx she has been and just how much she deserves this punishment, and with his arm tight round her  waist and her lovely sleek legs threshing in protest continues to spank her with puritan  conviction, so that when Helen walks in and sees this bizarre scenario playing out before her eyes he carries on for  a while, quite oblivious of having  an audience.

So what happens now? So many  possibilities that the imagination goes into overdrive, and that being the case I’ll leave it to each of you to tidy up the loose ends. And of  course I’d  love it if you shared some of them with me!